The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of the Philippines is an organization dedicated to promote the professional practice of human factors and ergonomics in the Philippines. The organization’s mission is to encourage education and training in the field of ergonomics and to promote cooperation among organizations with interest in ergonomics and human factors.

It was established in 2012 with the following objectives:


  1. Encourage education and training in the field of ergonomics
  2. Promote professional practice of ergonomics
  3. Exchange information with other individuals and organizations on ergonomics
  4. Cooperate with other organizations and/or institutions with interests related to the field of ergonomics
  5. Organize an annual Ergonomics Congress or Conference
  6. Publish information materials to promote and enhance communication on matters of common interest and importance
  7. Establish research and application priorities in the field on the basis of current research and future needs
  8. Support research and application projects either in cooperation with government or other private organizations or on its own initiatives
  9. Act as an information source center in the field of ergonomics